Why Are Beauty Brands Still Investing in Fashion Week?

While the deluge of “death of fashion week” stories over the past few seasons have painted one very specific picture, the stats paint another: According to the 500 industry insiders Fashionista surveyed ahead of New York Fashion Week, only 36{72a6f0e93ea98fe7ddd526be77457b666b06e04015f9929368b62d1c25767fd8} of respondents said they “somewhat agree” with the statement that “fashion week is pointless.” Separately from the fact that the biannual event undoubtedly depletes resources, puts further strain on the environment and, for many, takes a toll on mental health, NYFW has its merits. And all this chatter begs the big question: In 2020, who — from a business perspective — is still benefiting from participating?

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